What's It All About?

For many years I had a secret dream to host a radio talk show, and this idea stayed with me but remained unfulfilled. In my day job Iíve had the opportunity to participate on a local access cable TV show, and that experience fueled my desire to find a way get on the radio.


Through the magic of modern technology, actually internet radio, my dream came to fruition with Jersey Coastal Live! The show is based in Monmouth County, NJ and this region is the epicenter of what I find interesting. What interests me (and I hope my listeners) is the music, food, entertainment, and pop culture of the Jersey Shore. However, over the years, many of my guests have come from areas beyond the Jersey Shore. My guest list includes, the famous and not-so famous: actors, authors, musicians, chefs, wellness experts, filmmakers, entrepreneurs, and so many more.


It was easy for me to decide what I wanted to talk about on my show. Iím constantly seeking out passionate people with engaging stories to tell about who they are, what theyíve become, or how they make a living. My goal is to find these people and provide an opportunity to share their stories. I choose people who interest me and hope my listeners will also be curious and intrigued by what my guests have to share about themselves.


There are so many people I want to talk to. Now I just have to locate them!


Andrea Tarr

Producer & Host of Jersey Coastal Live